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  1. Turn on the selection screen. Whatever pre-populates in the box is what the auto selector has scored as the best match. I have a default 2d that has all my lighting and generic preferences in it. It is set to auto select and all conditions say "any". This sequence is selected if the movie doesn't match any of my other sequences.
  2. I just submitted a pull request for adding preshow to Zephyr Reloaded. Hopefully it goes well...
  3. My scripts from both sources are running as expected. @Stovies do they run when you hit "test"?
  4. I just tested and got the "This action is not set or not yet applied" when setting an action in the settings (not sequence editor). I then clicked OK to exit the settings Then I went back in and it worked as expected. I hadn't re-setup my actions since i did a wipe and I also had a similar error happen when I ticked the box to add an action in the settings. The greyed out links wouldn't activate to allow selection but I clicked Ok, then returned and it was now selectable. It seems like the save and update action on these buttons is only happening on click of "ok" instead on the select for the tick box / or selecting the path for the action.
  5. 100% fixed! Appreciate it!
  6. My problem is getting power to where I want the tv. I know where I can tap an outlet, it's just a PITA. I do electrical too. If you ever have a house built run power outlets in EVERY closet. You will want them. And make sure your electrical panel and network panel can be easily accessed to run more lines if needed.
  7. What really is there to gain with plex? Can they even use the PreShow code. Who actually owns it? I only use plex to access my library outside of my house, but at that time i don't want preshow interaction. I guess for the capability of your server being located offsite. I personally don't see a huge overlap with the average user of plex and the average user of preshow That's just me though. If getting bought by plex helps anyone out, just remember my dev self over here
  8. Also there are now skins modded where on the movie info screen, the PreShow option is in focus by default. This allows you to press select on the movie, slight pause, then select again to launch PreShow Experience.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Rapier modded skin for PreShow Experience. should keep skin settings but back up your skin just in case. I modded the menu here. Added a sequence edit launcher in the context menu. If you don't want it in the context menu, you can turn it off in the settings
  10. Rapier Skin - PreShow Experience Enhanced View File Rapier modded skin for PreShow Experience. should keep skin settings but back up your skin just in case. Submitter garzilla Submitted 03/20/2023 Category Skins  
  11. I really need to get back to this... someday lol
  12. @Stovies This was fresh install - PreShow has never been on this box Not sure what is happening on yours. Feels like a bad install. Maybe download fresh kodi and PreShow How are you installing them? Should be addons->install from zip
  13. they worked out of the box...
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