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  1. Hi Enermax, Have you already read the guides section on this page?
  2. Yes, we can set the volume for each part. @NightWatcherTheater I would also like to know which program you use
  3. Doesnt the sequence ceeps running, even if there is a script saying sleep:70000000 (just as example). So you could put a script with the timestamp as a sleep function just right before the movie which turns on the light when the sleep-time is finished But I am not sure if the sequence really keeps running or if it would completely sleep until the time is over and then start the movie. Another Problem is that you would need an extra sequence for each movie with the fitting timestamp / sleep command...
  4. Is there a new version? I got a notification, but the changelog doesnt seem like there is something new
  5. Is anyone else having issues with the audio? Sometimes its just muted since i got this skin and i cant figure out why. I got Kodi installed on a Shield Pro 2019
  6. I've tested it with a simple action and it worked
  7. Sadly it doesnt work. I named the file moviename(year).auro3d.mkv, but PSE doesnt play any audio bumper. I even tried to put the Auro folder as fallback, but this doesnt work, too. The auro bumper is in mp4. I also removed the movie from the library and put it back in. Then I needed to make an nfo with the tmdb link for that movie, otherwise Kodi did not recognize it (even though it is a known movie). Could this cause the error?
  8. Thats just how you do it with PSE, too. You can even download one of the modded skins for some nice extras, like no visible buffering circle
  9. Did you update the movie/your library in Kodi after renaming the files?
  10. That would be awesome, if you get the chance to do it I think in europe there are more Auro Users cause there is more content available than in the US and especially in germany there is quite a "big" auro fanbase. Here is also the link to the upcoming bumper (not in Auro yet cause of youtube, but I guess thats just a matter of time or you have to order the demo-discs (which actually only cost the shipping fee)):
  11. Has anyone actually managed to play an Auro 3D Bumper? There will be a new one on their new Demo Disc, so i'd like to integrate it, but I dont know if it works with tags
  12. Same here, but I am from germany, too. Maybe it's an US thing?
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