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  1. @acid303 I speak german, you can describe your problem and I can try to help or at least translate
  2. My Shield just updated my Kodi. I was able to install PSE, but right now I am having problems with my skin. I used arctic zephyr reloaded, but the mod is not working with the new version... which skins do you use with kodi 21?
  3. Hi guys, is anyone able to update this mod for Kodi 21? Or could give me an introduction in how to do it myself? That would be great since my Shield auto-updated Kodi
  4. This are great news, thank you! Is the updated version already online?
  5. Is anyone else having problems? I cant open PSE since the new version. Kodi is installed on a Shield Pro 2019
  6. I amble to skip on a shield, hope this helps to find the problem
  7. Has anyone else the dialogbusy loading icon/circle still visible? I even tried to change the skins dialogbusy.xml so that it is something like <visible>false<visible>, what worked with other skins, but it still gets shown. Maybe someone can help me out
  8. Alright, I will send it in the next days when I get the time (Theres no need to rush anyway since it works via directory.. it's just strange)
  9. I use it aswell csuse it can closely look like a streamings platform interface. But i forgot to use the pse version. Since it is quite a lot of work to get there, i recommend editing the .xml file, if it is not possible to export your settings
  10. Yes and no At first I was able to select the PSE folders on my NAS except for the Trailer folder. But I think we still texted via dm after this post. I am sorry for not answering, I only got notifications for your dm but none about a new answer under this thread. First I used another video bumper folder for trailers, but this is my actual work-around since you had sent the new PSE version to me: "So it is working under certain settings Trailer module settings: Source: Content (not working) / directory (working) Path: (I had to add the PSE folder via Kodis datamanager, now I can choose the Trailer folder as directory. Dont know if datamanager is the correct name in english, I hope you know what I mean)" Since this is working so far, I havent tried to change my sequence via notepad. But I dont think it is necessary anymore since we had a similar idea with datamanager, I think. That was actually the second problem (after my "edit"-anser on this thread) that the Trailer folder scraper doesnt work. It just stops playing when the trailers are in the trailer folder and the settings are set to Content. I can give you the logfile if you want to. Offtopic: I once asked if you could fix a problem wirh actions. There, when I wanted to set a directory, I had to go all the way trough a lot of folders until I came to the PSE folder. I just saw that this has been fixed and I am very thankful therefore! +++++Edit: right now I understood that the updated version you have sent to me had nothing to do with this trailer problem, had it? I think the topics just got mixed up, I am sorry! But as I wrote, what you have sent to me works fine.
  11. Edit: When I move my trailers from the trailer folder to any movie bumper folder and choose this one, it works fine..
  12. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I got a Synology Nas and since I moved all my PSE stuff from my externl drives to the NAS, i cant play the trailer sequence in my PreShows anymore, but everything else works fine. I updated the directory to the NAS, PSE is able to write to it, I could choose single files for the actions and I use NFS. I thought I could work around by adding a video module via directory, but then it does not show me my network storage. Only external drives and a root-system. But if I add a video module and choose a single file, I can choose the NFS Networkstorage. Has anyone an idea what the problem could be?
  13. Hi Enermax, Have you already read the guides section on this page?
  14. Yes, we can set the volume for each part. @NightWatcherTheater I would also like to know which program you use
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