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  3. Hi, thanks for the reply, I think that the repo is the only way that you can get it https://realcopacetic.github.io/ Skin page : https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=373114 The skin in my eyes is really the best for a dedicated home cinema set up, it would look amazing on a cinema screen and it is the closest that you have to a decent cinema experience. All the other skins are pretty much the same as each other, functional but not very attractive. I just checked on Artic Horizon 2 and that is very bad for PSE, you need to go into the A to Z and similar folders before it shows, if you go to information it is not an option, but that is possibly down to the skinner not including it maybe? It is just a shame that the Kodi team did not have the vision that some people might want the cinema experience in their living room on special occasions. I have multiple set ups of Kodi and Copacetic is for my 4K blockbuster movies. It sucks for larger collections. Regards Mark
  4. Oh, hi Mark! I tried to download Copacetic from this link, but it didn't work. Do you know if there is a different link for it, other than downloading the repo? It is possible with some skins to add a button for PreShow, or you can launch it from the context menu. It can't be automatically launched in place of just a movie though.
  5. Hi, I am using the skin Copacetic on the latest version of Kodi. Is there a way of forcing PSE to start when ever a movie is started? If you create sub menus the option to run PSE is not there, it only works in certain menu systems. I think that the old Cinema Experience you could do this, but been a long time since I used that. Copacetic is fantastic as a dedicated cinema skin rather than a general media player such as Artic Horizon. I am not sure if this is possible or not, but I would love to do this on this particular skin, rather than having to go to information and then running it from the menu. Cheers for any help given. Regards Mark
  6. Matt

    Loop Module

    The previous command module has been renamed to loop and modified to include some of the requested functionality. It currently doesn't allow you to press a button to escape the loop, but does allow you to set loops for Duration Time of Day Number of loops
  7. The new Slideshow module can now be used to add images to your preshow.
  8. Module Settings Note that all slideshows need to be in a sub-folder in the Slideshow content folder. Order - Alphabetical or random. If a directory isn't selected with the option below, alphabetical folder-filename for order. Select Slideshow Directory Default - randomly select images from all the folders in your Slideshow content folder. Directory - Reveals Directory (in slideshow folder) below. Directory (in Slideshow folder) - Select the Slideshow folder in your content settings that you want the sequence to pull from. The sequence will only select files from this folder. It currently allows you to select any folder. If you select a folder that's outside of your Slideshow folder the sequence will not play trivia. Duration - Set the max duration you would like your slideshows to run. Note that your slideshow will stop after all images have been displayed, even if this time has not been exceeded Question duration- Set how long you would like your images to be on screen. Transition - Transition between slides. Options include fade, slide up, slide down, slide right and slide left. Transition duration (milliseconds) - Set the transition time between slides. Music Music - Select your music source if you want to play music during your slideshow. Options include: None - No music will be played Content - This will play from the music folder in your PreShow content folder. Directory - This will play from the folder selected below in Music: Path. File - This will play the track selected below in Music: File. Music: Path - Select a folder that contains your music that can be anywhere. Music: File - Select a single file to play with your music.
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  10. I know that this isn't relevant any more for this topic, and I still don't recommend them, but tiff files should be usable in the next version of PreShow.
  11. PreShow 0.2.3 is now available for download. The changelog includes: - add: Added pastebin log posting - add: Added new options for the command module, including number of loops, duration and time of day - fix: Added genres, rating and resolution data for imdb trailers (Note this takes while to retrieve the trailer information) - fix: Updated code to make sequences filter by date properly - fix: Modified code to make linked python scripts work in action files If you have an issue, you can now post your log directly into pastebin from the settings. You can open a QR code to get the link on your phone. The command/loop module now has multiple options to control the loop, so that you can more accurately create longer preshows.
  12. View File IMAX 2015 Submitter Matt Submitted 11/27/2023 Category Company  
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    IMAX 2015


  14. View File IMAX 2009 Submitter Matt Submitted 11/27/2023 Category Company  
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    IMAX 2009


  16. View File IMAX Countdown - Sonic Anthem Submitter Matt Submitted 11/27/2023 Category Countdown  
  17. View File IMAX Cliffhanger Submitter Matt Submitted 11/27/2023 Category Company  
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    IMAX Cliffhanger

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  19. View File Countdown to IMAX Submitter Matt Submitted 11/27/2023 Category Countdown  
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  21. View File IMAX Countdown - Fast & Furious Submitter Matt Submitted 11/27/2023 Category Countdown  
  22. View File IMAX Countdown - Godzilla Submitter Matt Submitted 11/27/2023 Category Countdown  
  23. View File IMAX Countdown - Suicide Squad Here is a 16x9 presentation of the IMAX Countdown to Suicide Squad with 5.1 audio. Submitter Matt Submitted 11/27/2023 Category Countdown  
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    Here is a 16x9 presentation of the IMAX Countdown to Suicide Squad with 5.1 audio.
  25. I have a slideshow option in an upcoming version that will allow you to easily show stills. In the mean time, you can create a folder for it within the your PreShow Trivia folder, put your images there and then select the folder in your sequence editor to show the images.
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