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  2. Hi guys, new to the program, I'm kind of stumbling at the first hurdle here so I'm hoping someone can help. I've got my content folders for bumpers/trailers etc but I'm a bit lost to either how I'm meant to add my videos to features or if I'm meant to set up a content path for features etc. Hoping someone can help.
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  4. 0.3 is the next version. It's still in testing, but that issue should have been resolved. https://preshowexperience.com/files/file/169-preshow-experience-dev-build/
  5. thank you very much I will test Hello, I installed the skin above in my zidoo z20pro and I followed the tutorial on the site, everything works!! except that the film launches with the system's default player and not with the zdmc player!! However I put the Zidoo-EnablePlayer.pseaction action. before the film is launched and it is not the zidoo player which starts... can you help me in advance thank you very much Mike
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  7. Hi, Just seeing if 2.6 has been released has i'm having the same issue with 2.5, unable to delete an item in the sequence.
  8. I just looked at the file listed here: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=371494 and it included PreShow already: https://holybid.com/kodi/lattsrepo/master/nexus/skin.aeonmq8.nexus.mod/skin.aeonmq8.nexus.mod- There's nothing in it specific about ZDMC, but I don't know if that's necessary or not.
  10. @FlexThat was a mislabeled file. Nature's Fury is for Dolby Atmos and is available here: Thanks for catching the issue.
  11. Looks like "DTS-X - Natures Fury (HD)(DTSX7.1).mkv" file is missing
  12. @NightWatcherTheater I'll have to think about this. I think I understand what you are asking, but the solution may be overly complicated. Other than the delay, there's technically nothing wrong with sending Hue lights the same command. If they are already at a certain brightness there's no visible change. Do you often play movies without chapters?
  13. Question tho if there is a was to add " if this not that " command to it ? Example if i use chapters to trigger my "go home lights " and a Trigger for end of movie That if it detects chapters it doesn't double trigger my hue lights . The reason this matters is i have my lights set up in stages "wrap it up lights " were it brings up the lights slowly and not completely full giveing people eyes time to adjust Then my " go home lights' that play after that brings the brightness to full. So if there's a chapter Trigger it would play the action twice if that makes any sense..
  14. I have continued to work on this and have added a new setting for Kodi's listed aspect ratio. My issue with this setting, and the reason that I didn't go this route originally, is that I don't know if it is correct. Unless you use TMM as @hslansky suggested or have your videos cropped and recompressed like @Epitaph's list, they will all be 1.78 : 1 as that's what a full frame blu-ray with black bars is. I have made the assumption that if you use nfo files, Kodi will have already scraped the data from them and we can just use that. So there is now a sub-setting for this in PreShow to select how you want it handles. I'm not sure if that's the right wording, but Kodi has a character limit on the settings, and to explain it properly requires scrolling. And then I've modified the IMDB selection option to give the user some more control. Originally I tried to make it so that it would pick the most likely option for movies that list multiple options. That worked for the majority of cases, but not all. There are some that aren't labelled correctly, and then there's always the multi-aspect movies. Now you'll get a pop-up so that you can select which one you want.
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  16. Thanks for the response. Chapters are working for everything else.... so I don't think its a setting. I forgot to mention they are also HEVC.
  17. Yes, shows on mine. Some skins may need you to enable chapter markers.
  18. Random question to anyone running Kodi 21.0 on a Shield Pro with 4k video files, do you get chapter marks when playing them? I am working my way through my media collection (reencoding some and pulling all the extras for kodi) and have found that my 4k's are not showing chapter marks(all other videos show them). I have a win 11 pc (running 21.0 also) I install and test Kodi on before upgrading the shield and the chapters show on it.
  19. Thanks for the suggestion @hslansky & @Epitaph. My goal is to always make a solution that works without the need for other applications. I'll explore other options in the future and already have plans to do some work with nfo files, which may offer better options for a few processes.
  20. @FlexMake sure you restart kodi after installing PreShow. The context menu doesn't load until after a restart. Or install a skin that supports PreShow. Here's a link to the skins that I've worked on to make PreShow compatible: https://preshowexperience.com/files/category/7-skins/ The skin in the images is Aeon Nox: Silvo
  21. @ervau 0.3.0 isn't official yet. Because there are so many underlying elements that have been changed, I'm doing a couple rounds of testing with it. The next version of it will have the updated action files. Here's a link to the previous version, which broke Kodi trailers and trivia:
  22. @marius Thanks for the suggestion. As of this version, they are just global options in the settings and can't currently be customized per movie.. The main thing that I'm doing is adding he underlying code so that this sort of functionality is possible. The next step is to have people test it to see if the functionality has issues. I think last chapter does a good job for a significant percentage of movies. My ultimate goal is to make it time based with community support, so that if 1 person puts in the correct location of the credits that it will work for everyone else. I also have work to do on action files within sequences, but that's a ways off.
  23. I'm too having the same issue on the Shield, I installed preshow, but I don't get the last two menus when I hold down the select button. Is there a "turn on" option somewhere? Also what Kodi Skin are you running on your screen shots?
  24. Hi Matt, great News! (Where do I find the 0.3.0 version to dowload? - Just looking across the whole DL-Page...) Thank you! - Robert
  25. To add more info, I use Ember Media Manager and it pulls the meta data and includes it in the nfo. Aeon Nox Silvo is my prefered skin which also shows the AR. <fileinfo> <streamdetails> <audio> <bitrate>3560</bitrate> <channels>6</channels> <codec>dtshd_ma</codec> <language>eng</language> <longlanguage>English</longlanguage> </audio> <audio> <bitrate>192</bitrate> <channels>2</channels> <codec>ac3</codec> <language>eng</language> <longlanguage>English</longlanguage> </audio> <subtitle> <language>eng</language> <longlanguage>English</longlanguage> <forced>false</forced> <type>Embedded</type> </subtitle> <video> <aspect>2.400</aspect> <bitrate>2349</bitrate> <codec>hevc</codec> <durationinseconds>6555</durationinseconds> <height>800</height> <width>1920</width> <filesize>5008898591</filesize> </video> </streamdetails> </fileinfo>
  26. Wouldnt it be useful to use, instad of the middle chapter, a chooseable chapter? So that we can tell PSE that an action shall be fired for example at chapter xy. Then we would be able to tag all movies with a postcredit scene and let PSE automatically chose the sequence for postcreditmovies which dimms up the light at the third to last scene, dimms it down at the next to last scene and turns the light finally on at the very last scene. (This builds on the assumption that the credits before a postcreditscene, the postcreditscene itself and the credits after it are all defined as specific scene. Since I dont watch Marvel I sadly cant find out if this is true or not). Maybe that would be an solution for thie postcredit problem...
  27. With regards to having the proper aspect ratio in Kodi: Tiny Media Manager has a tool which will detect the actual aspect ratio of a movie and store it in the NFO file. Kodi then displays this correctly, at least with the skin I use which is Estuary Mod V2. I realize this may not work for everyone but may be a better option than having to try and scrape from IMDB. Thoughts?
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