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iTunes Movie Trailers has been shut down by Apple

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Yes, hd-trailers.net was pulling from apple.  I don't think there are any other places with downloadable trailers that are regularly updated. There are ad heavy sites that will allow you to download trailers, but they are a bit of a pain.

Please let me know if anyone finds a site with regularly updated non YT trailers.

We are working on another solution inside of PreShow that is the only reliable non YT place that I can find.  Places don't like to have their content crawled, so this will unfortunately be an ongoing or repeating issue.

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I use TMM for creating my .nfo files and they have hd-traileres.net , OFDb.de and themoviedb.org listed for trailer scrapers.  We already know the deal with hd-trailers and it looks like themvoiedb.org sources trailers from YouTube.  I'm not sure where the trailers are on OFDb.de.  I've tried to find them, but since the website is in German, I may be missing it so I can't confirm their source.  The free version of TMM hasn't been updated in a while, so OFDb.de may not host trailers anymore.

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