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option to preview individual module in sequence editor

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I have just installed the update and tried the new preview module in the sequence editor.

Should it only play the current module or play the rest of the sequence?  

It seems to be playing from the Trivia Intro, but i have select the preview from a different module.

I also have the trivia modules disabled, so I think I have found a bug.


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This is something I have noticed. What I am thinking is happening is that when you try to preview a singular part of the sequence it disables everything else, however, when you already have something disables it enables it and plays that part of the sequence as well.  I'm not sure if it's a difficult change or not, but what needs to happen is to have it actually disable everything instead of just changing the enable/disable button on every part of the sequence.

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Confirming this bug.  Thanks for letting me know.

It has now been reprogrammed to keep track of what is already disabled and to return the sequence to the state that it was prior to the preview.

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