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Importing your content from Cinemavision

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You can import your CV settings into CinemaVision by clicking on the import text at the bottom of the general settings section.




There are a couple of ways that you can transfer your sequences into PreShow Experience. 

Option 1 is to export your sequence out of CV.  Open the sequence editor and load the sequence.  Then click the save button and then export.  Save it to a location that you can easily find. 


In PreShow Experience, you can then import the sequence.  Go to the sequence editor and click the load icon and then click import.  Navigate to the file and open it.  Then save it.


Sequences in PreShow Experience end with .pseseq.

Option 2 is to manually move your sequences.  If you have multiple sequences, this may be the quicker option.

Navigate to wherever you set your content path in the settings and the to the Sequences folder.  If you are importing your settings from CV you just need to rename the file extension from .cvseq to .pseseq.  If you are setting up a fresh install, you will need top copy the files to the Sequence folder of the new location and then change the file extension.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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