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Organizing Trivia?

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How do you organize your trivia?

Currently I have my slides in sub-folders for each type or theme of slides. When the trivia plays I notice that it will show slides from one or two folders that contain a high slide count and perhaps show a slide from a different folder that doesn't have as many slides in them.

I was wondering if there is a better way to organize the slides to get a better balance of the slides shown. I know I could rename the slides to make them play a particular order, bu that would be the same show over and over until I renamed all the slides again.

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It's currently just straight random order, so if you have 75% of your slides in 1 folder, then ~75% of what is displayed will be from that folder.  The only current option is to put slides in different folders and set the trivia folder in different sequences to play them.

The upcoming versions of PreShow will include some more filters and ways to differentiate what slides you are getting, and at some point I hope to get more trivia added.

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