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PreShow not working on kodi 20 / nvidia shield


hi there, I just installed the latest preshow on Kodi 20 nexus on my Nvidia Shield. I configured a test sequence which has nothing more than a trailer and feature module.

My basic wants for the addon are to just show some trailers before a movie.

I set the content folder to my movie folder (because I wont be using local content for now)
I selected imdb trailers and TMDB trailers 

When I test the sequence in the settings app it plays just fine, but when I use the content sensitive option on a movie and try to launch the preshow it starts to load but then just goes to the movie. Not sure why it is not working. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



also a sidenote when I go into the sources to the part where you can change the order of the sources it only shows IMDB as checked and TMDB looks unchecked, can change the order but it doesnt check it

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Sorry to hear that it isn't working for you.

The current version was a rush job to try to get a non-YT based trailer option out there when Apple shut down their old trailer site.  I'll test it when I get time and will respond back.

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