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  1. Reelyator

    PreShow Repo?

    Agree with your suggestion! Still getting PSE into the official repo would be my preferred solution.
  2. ...a few months later, same question: Any progress in getting PSE into the official Repo? Merry Christmas btw.!
  3. i have not upgraded to ZDMC 20.1 yet but will do so soon (within the next FW upgrade of my Zidoo UHD3000).
  4. Meanwhile ZDMC 20.1 was released on the Zidoo Forum. I hope the ZDMC compatibility of PSE is still worked on.
  5. Ony progress in bringing PSE to the official Repo? Currently i cannot find it under the Matrix Add-ons...
  6. Hi @SFP_Matt, i use one centralized CV (=PSE) folder under the Video Share of my Syno NAS that i am using from all my clients. This works pretty well for me. Only the DB Update needs to be executet from each individual client. I can live with that.
  7. ...do you remember Crocodile Dundee from 1986?
  8. Thank you @OTA! That could be a nice one if only the distracting Advertisement Text would not be.....
  9. Glad to hear that this is worked on. Tutorials are obviously a good thing. But they come become contraproductive and confusing whenever a new version of the App with new features, new settings etc. come out. Therfore i would usually preferr "embedded help functions". Something like pop-up messages or foot notes that explain the effect of specific setting. I think you already have that to a certin degree.
  10. ...A nice visualisation of my personal oppinion on comparing Japanese Animes and Kaiju Movies vs. Disney Products;-)
  11. Nice! There were already several bumper sets with "a word from our sponsors" in the old CV Forum. Up to now my most used sequence Format (misusing Trivia for Commercials) is: - Curtain Opening clip (Theater Intro) - THX Clip (Theater outro) - Comercials bumper (Trivia intro) - 2 comercial clips (Trivia outro) - Trailers bumper (Trailers intro) - 2-3 Trailers (Trailers) - Cellphone off clip (Trailers outro) - Feature intro bumper (Feature Intro) - Audio Bumper - Countdown Clip (Countdown) - Feature Film End of Sequence. ....i never understood the point in Trivia Slides, never seen that in any real Cinema (at least not in germay).
  12. Bruce drinks Coke..... ...and Carol drives Audi
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