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  • About PreShow Experience

    The PreShow Experience add-on for Kodi is a robust tool designed to elevate your home theater ambiance, effectively replicating the immersive atmosphere of a movie theater. True to its name, this add-on recreates the pre-movie experience akin to what you'd encounter in a classic cinema. Consequently, prior to the main feature, viewers can relish trailers, advertisements, and even tailor-made intros that establish the mood for the film.

    Moreover, PreShow Experience empowers users to tailor their movie-watching journey to their liking. You can construct sequences of  trailers, slideshows, or trivia segments to play before or after the film, thereby crafting a personalized cinematic adventure. The add-on goes the extra mile by enabling the creation of themed pre-shows, complete with launching home automation and external lighting. This feature adds depth to the overall mood and amplifies the anticipation for the main attraction.

    In essence, the PreShow Experience add-on for Kodi offers a distinctive and adaptable movie-watching adventure, rekindling the thrill and anticipation of visiting a traditional movie theater. Its capacity to automate the experience, generate thematic pre-shows, and seamlessly integrate with other Kodi add-ons renders it an invaluable tool for anyone aiming to enrich their home theater experience.

    PreShow is designed for use with movies on your local network and is not compatible with streaming Kodi addons.

    Kodi Version Compatibility

    PreShow Experience is compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix and Kodi 20 Nexus. 

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