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      Configuring your PreShow Experience Settings

      You can open the settings for PreShow Experience a few different ways. 1. If you go to your add-ons page you can right click on the add-on and select Settings. 2. Alternatively, you can click on the add-on to open the Sequence Editor and click the Settings icon in the top right.  3. You can also go to the add-on information page and select Configure.   Continue to General Settings
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      Settings: General

      The first tab in the settings is for general functionality.  Each option will be described below.   Content path - The first thing to do when configuring your settings for PreShow Experience is to set your content path.  This should be a location that Kodi has easy access to, as well as a place that you can easily copy content to.  You may accrue a fair amount of content in this folder, so it is recommended that the location also have room to expand. Update content - This is a button that when clicked will create the initial folders for you content.  The folder structure is as follows. Actions Audio Format Bumpers Auro-3D Datasat Dolby Atmos Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Plus Dolby TrueHD DTS DTS-HD Master Audio DTS-X Other THX Data (In Development) Music Ratings Bumpers BBFC DEJUS FSK MPAA Sequences Themes Trailers Trailers Video Bumpers 3D Intro 3D Outro Countdown Courtesy Feature Intro Feature Outro Intermission Short Film Theater Intro Theater Outro Trailers Intro Trailers Outro Trivia Intro Trivia Outro The purpose for each of these folders is explained in the Sequences & Modules guide (coming soon)   Auto Update (Kodi Service) These options all provide a way or frequency to keep your content up to date.  Updating scans your content directory, as well as looks on the internet for new trailers.  Select the options that best suit your needs. Update when editor starts - Selecting this will update your content whenever you open the sequence editor, which is the main screen when you launch PreShow Experience. Update when Kodi starts - This will update your content whenever you open Kodi Update after library scan - You can also scan your PreShow Experience content after Kodi scans for new content in your library. Update every … hours - This option will only be visible if you have your Kodi Settings Level  set to expert.  It can be enabled if you keep Kodi open and would like to schedule your updates at a regular intercal.  Options include Disabled, 1, 6, 12, 24, 48.   Database Maintenance The buttons in this section reset content in your database.  They shouldn't need to be selected under regular circumstances. Reset content database - This removes your scanned content that you have installed in your content path. Clear trailers broken status - if a trailer won't play PreShow will mark it as broken.  This option will reset any trailers marked broken so that you can try to view them again. Import Import CinemaVision Settings - This button will copy your CinemaVision settings if you have that add-on installed.  Note that pushing the button will overwrite any PreShow Experience settings that you have configured.  Selecting it without CinemaVision installed results in an error.     
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      Settings: Playback

      This tab controls the aspect ratio of the interface, the queue editor and some elements regarding bumper playback Hide Queue Editor - The Queue Editor is the screen that appears when opening PreShow before a movie, as seen below.  Turning on this setting hides this editor and just straight to playing the movie with PreShow.   If only one item is queued - This would show the queue editor even if it is hidden when you have queued more than 1 movie. Allow video skipping - If turned off, all videos in a sequence will be shown in their entirety and the skip button will not function. Video delay (milliseconds) - Adds a delay between videos, which is only needed for projectors Volume (% of current) - Sets the volume for bumper videos 3D sequence 3D tag detection regex - Lists possible filename text that PreShow will read to determine if a video bumper is 3D  Fallback to 2D bumper - Show a 2d bumper if you do not have a 3D bumper Screen Settings Scope - This is for people with projectors and a scope screen.  It will change the zoom on all PreShow screens to fit within your screen aspect ratio. Options include 16x9, 2.35:1 & 2:40:1.  
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      Settings Trivia

      This tab controls trivia modules.  You must have trivia in your content folders to incorporate the trivia module in your sequences.  Trivia packs can be downloaded here: https://preshowexperience.com/files/category/6-trivia/ Format - Select between slide or video.  You need to have the appropriate files in the trivia folder of your PreShow content. Duration (minutes) - Set how long you would like your trivia sequences to run. Question duration (seconds) - Set how long you would like your trivia questions to be on screen. Clue duration (seconds) - If a pack includes them, set how long you would like your trivia clues to be on screen. Answer duration (seconds) - Set how long you would like your trivia answers to be on screen. Single duration (seconds) - If a pack includes them, set how long you would like your trivia single slides to be on screen. Transition - Transition between slides.  Options include fade, slide up, slide down, slide right and slide left. Transition duration (milliseconds) - Set the transition time between slides. Music Music - Select your music source if you want to play music during your trivia.  Options include: None - No music will be played Content - This will play from the music folder in your PreShow content folder. Directory - This will play from the folder selected below in Music: Path. File - This will play the track selected below in Music: File. Music: Path - Select a folder that contains your music that can be anywhere. Music: File - Select a single file to play with your music. Volume (% of current) - Sets the volume for trivia Fade in (seconds) - Sets a fade in duration for your music.  This shouldn't be needed in most instances. Fade out (seconds) - Sets a fade our duration for your music. 
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      Settings: Trailers

      The Trailers tab sets your preferences for trailer sources.  Each option is described below.   Content Scrapers Scrapers look in certain locations for new trailers and store them in a database on your system.  These option Trailers: PreShow Trailers Folder - These are any trailers that you have in the Trailers folder in your PreShow content directory. Trailers Kodi Database - These are YouTube trailers for movies on your system. Trailers: Apple iTunes - iTunes trailers from the apple site. Trailers: The Movie Database - These are YouTube trailers from TMDB   Module Defaults Clear trailers watched status - PreShow marks any trailers that have watched.  This resets the watched list. Prefer unwatched over priority - This will set a preference for unwatched trailers if you don't any trailers that match your criteria Source - Select your trailer source from the following options: Content Directory Single File Source content filter (scraper) - Select from the scrapers mentioned above.  You may need to restart the settings after modifying your content scrapers to make sure they all display here Content order - Select how your content is selected: Newest Random Source: Directory - Select a folder on your system that may contain multiple files to be selected randomly Source: Single File - Select a single trailer file to show. Count - The number of trailers to be shown. Rating Limit - Options include: None - Allows any trailers of any ratings Max - Limit the ratings to a selected in the Max setting below Match Feature - Filters trailers with a rating that matched the feature film Max - Sets a max rating for trailers Match feature genre - Selects trailers with one of the same genres as the feature film Filter for 3D based on feature - Will play 3d trailers, if available Quality - select your preferred resolution of 720 or 1080  Volume (% of current) - Sets the volume for trailers
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      Settings: Features

      The Features tab sets your preferences for ratings, audio bumpers & the feature film.  Each option is described below. Count - This is the number of feature films to play.  The default is 1.   Ratings Setting You must have files in your contents ratings folder for the ratings board in your region. Default ratings system  - Select the rating system that most closely matches your location.  Options include MPAA, BBFC, DEJUS & FSK. Rating bumper - Select between video, image & none. Rating style selection - Select random or style.  Random will select 1 option if you have multiple.  Select single if you only want to play 1 ratings set.     Audio Format Method - The default is Auto select from source.  Other options include Choose format and Choose file.  Fallback - You can choose a file or format here in case your video doesn't match any of existing audio bumpers. Format - Select a default format folder to be played File - Select a default single video file to be played. Volume (% of current) - Sets the volume for the audio format bumpers
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      Settings: Actions

      The actions tab provides an option to integrate advanced functionality to control your system or other home automation devices.  The setting options are described below.   Each setting relates to a specific activity that you can attach an action to.  The activities where you can execute an action are: sequence pause sequence resume sequence abort When turned on, each allows you to attach an action file and to test it.   To learn more about action files, please view the guide on creating action files.  
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